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Hit your Ecommerce Sales Goals by increasing conversions, building customer relationships, and implementing marketing automations - with a clear focus on: Your Brand. Your Story. And strong Copywriting.

"If this were a testimonial, it would be a good one. But we don't show off past work. Every day starts at zero - beginner mindset. No matter what you achieved, the next success is not guaranteed. We'll only work with you if we believe we are the perfect fit for you, and that we can help you." - Us

Should you care about email?

Email is dead.

You’ve probably heard that a thousand times by now. But in fact, the opposite is true: Email is killing it. Email is king.

At least that can be true. But for most companies, email marketing remains an afterthought. It shouldn’t be. Because 6 out of 10 marketers consider email marketing their most effective marketing channel - it is and remains the most cost-effective, scalable, and highest converting channel out of them all.

Think about this for a second: Who’s on Facebook? Who’s on Instagram? Twitter? Who is on none of these platforms?

What do all of these audiences have in common? Exactly. They have an email address. And they want to get your emails - 5 out of 10 US adults like to receive promotional emails from their favorite brands. 7 out of 10 customers prefer for brands to contact them via email.

So why should you care about Email Marketing for your brand?

  • Email Marketing produces $38-41 per each $1 spent, which is a fantastic 3,800% ROI.

  • 85% of U.S. retailers consider email marketing their most effective customer acquisition & retention tactic.

  • individuals who buy through email marketing spend 138% more.

So at this point, you might be thinking an email list is a great asset - maybe you’ve even heard that before. Truth is, it’s not. The real asset is the relationship you have with your customers.

Size doesn't matter if you don't have a relationship... with your customers. A list at 1/10th the size of yours might outsell you if they have a better relationship with your audience.

That’s why we go beyond the usual: Grow your email list, convert customers, drive clicks, build automations. Yes, we do all that. But we go further, engaging your audience up to the level of 1:1 conversations. You’ll be closer to your customers than anyone else.

We’re the first (and only) email marketing agency creating an actively nurtured community of fans and superfans for your brand. For this purpose, in addition to the usual staff, we also put a dedicated email community manager on your case. This is interaction and support before the customer needs support. Audience engagement on steroids.

The result? More revenue from your best customers, as well as a higher percentage of good and great customers. After all, getting a new customer can cost 5 times more than retaining an existing customer. And increasing customer retention by 5% can increase profits by 25% to 95% and higher…

The Straight-To-Target Process

🗓️ T-3: Discovery Get to know each other, determine possible fit

🔍 T-2: Checkup - the Bullseye Team audits your Email Marketing. What's going well, what isn't, what could be improved?

T-1: Review - we get on a post-review call to go through what we learned and figure out whether we want to work together

🚀 Launch - our partnership starts and we get on the Kickoff Meeting to discuss Scope of Value, what needs to happen to consider the Partnership successful, the Scope of Work, possible Strategy, and to develop Performance Scorecards & KPIs

📜 #1 Plot Course - we start with Market Research, getting to know your customers & customer avatar(s), your business & culture, as well as your offer, funnel, and email list. Now we develop the Email Marketing Strategy to grow, engage, and convert your email list.

📈#2 Course Adjustments - first things first. We get to work fixing any issues we found in the Audit. A big part of this is working on your email deliverability, list health, and messaging.

🛠️ #3 List Segmentation & Key Flow Setup - now the interesting part starts. We start segmenting your list into highly focused pieces and set up key email campaigns such as Abandoned Cart flows, your Newsletter Welcome Series, etc.

🤖 #4 Robot Revolution - Big Brother and Skynet enter your business as we implement Behavioral Emails and Marketing Automations

#5 Scaling - from here on out we're set up for incremental Improvements and long-term success.

Your Investment

By now, you're probably interested in working with us... and are wondering "Hey, how much does this cost me?"

Good question! Let's do our best to get you an answer.

The Audit
Before we even consider working with you long-term, we need to know your exact situation. And we want to be certain that we can help you.
That's why we always start off with a week-long, detailed Audit, reviewing & improving your Email Deliverability, Marketing Automations, Newsletter Strategy, and Newsletter Segmentation. We also review your Marketing in general. We go in more detail further down the page.
Our F.O.C. Audit takes one week to complete, and we can do a maximum of 4 per month, so you might have to join a waitlist.
Your Investment into the Audit is $1,600, payable in advance.
If you're convinced it wasn't worth your time, we offer a 100% refund - and we'll be happy to send either you or a charity of your choice an additional $100. (This only applies if you meet the necessary criteria for the guarantee - we'll let you know once we talk)

Option 1: Your New Email Marketing Team - Agency Partnership

The First Month
In the first month of working with us, we will work with you to act on the findings from the Audit, optimizing any and all aspects of your Email Marketing that are not at full potential yet. We might also suggest working with certain Freelancers or partner Agencies to correct any issues we found outside of our specialization. If we don't know exactly the right fit for you, we'll help you find it.

From here on out, we're available on weekly calls, as well as over Email, Telegram or Slack.
Your investment into the first month of working with us is $4,000, half at the start of the month, half after two weeks. What you pay us here is non-refundable, but we will extend the "first month" period for free if necessary.

Ongoing Partnership
At this point, you ascend. From here on out, you are no longer a client or an account.
You are a partner.

In the first month, we will measure the revenue you created without us. Afterward, your ongoing investment into working with us will be $3,000 + 15% of the profit (gross margin) on the additional sales revenue we generate for you.

But this money does not go purely toward us. We reinvest half of the 15% of your profit - right back into your business to grow the Email Revenue stream even further.

This might as an example be invested in:
Agencies that are better in solving a certain problem than usHighly specialized freelancersPaid Ads to your NewsletterGiveawaysSoftwareetc.You can see your guarantee for the investment into an ongoing partnership below.

Option 2: Email Strategy & Consulting

If you already have someone handling your Email Marketing, or you prefer to keep doing it yourself, this option might be for you.

It might also be that we simply can not take you on as a full partner because we are overbooked, or you aren't meeting all requirements we have for full partnerships.

If you'd like us to assist you on a regular basis in an advisory role regardless, your monthly investment would be $1,500 + 5% of the profit generated.

Just like the full partnership, this option is only available after our Audit, to establish a foundation for successful work and trust.

We're open to smaller-scale consulting if you need it.

Our Bullseye Guarantee(s) 🎯

Any Good Guarantee Reduces Your Risk

Let's say you continue working with us after the first month - your investment is $3,000 + 15% of your added profit/gross margin. If your additional gross margin is less than $3,000, we take that cut to our payment.

Example: Added gross margin is only $1,500. You pay us $1,500, $1,500 less than the base fee of $3,000. In theory, your added profit is now zero. In practice, that has never happened before.
This only applies if your list size & revenue qualify for this guarantee - we'll let you know as soon as we know your individual situation.

At Any Point, should we not deliver an email or other significant project on-time, or should it be substandard and not quality, good work, you can request $250 back, per email, per incident. This does not apply to the first month.

About Us?

We're not like others. Everybody says that. What makes us different?

We’re no moderates - we have principles. We ask ourselves - besides money, why are we in business? What do we want to make happen, create, build, change - in ourselves, the people around us, the world? How do we want to work, live, breathe? Sometimes the best way to describe what you are, is to show what you are not.

We don’t like to talk about ourselves. In the next section, we have to.

Indian tribes like the Wayãpi, Yanomami, and Pirahã living in the brazilian jungle often don't have concepts for past and future - only the present. It's necessary for them to live in the now to perfectly be able to adapt to it. While we try to keep an eye on the future, we believe that past work doesn't indicate future success. Every project, every company is different. Achieving a 53x ROI for someone in the past does not matter if it can't be repeated for you. That is why, while you may hear our partners talk about us, you will not hear us talk about them.

We don't believe in presenting speculative work in new business presentations - but we're open to paid trials. We respectfully decline participating in the RFP process.

We don't pay our people by hours worked. We don't let you pay us by hours worked. What matters to us are Results, Performance, making things happen.

  • If we get your stuff done in a focused 4-hour session instead of 16 hours of screwing around, that's good.

  • If our streamlined processes, systems, and digital oompa loompas (automations) make it easier & faster to deliver our service, that's good.

  • If we screw up and need longer than we thought, but you don't pay for it? That forces us to be better. That's good.

  • If you pay agencies or people by hours worked, it incentivizes sitting around & wasting time. That's not good.

We aim for performance at the highest level.

We don't stop before both parties are satisfied. We don't want to get paid for bad work.

We don't fight with you to grow our piece of the pie. We grow the pie.
By design, a partnership only exists when there are both shared risks, and shared rewards.
For us, this means we don't get paid if we don't hit the agreed upon KPIs. It also means we will take a % of the profits we generate for you - in large part these are then passed on to the people working at Bullseye to ensure maximum motivation & performance.
Being your partner also means we participate & stay in touch with your company as much as possible - if you want we even take part in your weekly meetings.

We're not available 24/7 - a lot of the time, we're not online at all! We have dedicated internet times, and stay off of it otherwise. The work we do requires distraction-free concentration and deep focus to achieve maximum results. If you can't reach us it could also be that we're just on another adventure outside and don't have reception - of course we'll let you know in advance & prepare for this so it doesn’t result in drawbacks for you.

We outsource the parts of our work we’re not specialized in, or that we consider commodities (email templates, graphics, videos, ads, ...) - for this we have hand-picked business partners, which we provide with clear instructions, guidance, and the Copy they need. The goal at Bullseye is to get you the biggest bang for your buck - that means a focus on Email Strategy, Branding, Storytelling, building a relationship with your audience, and Copywriting (the words that sell for you, Copy is salesmanship in text).

Thousands and thousands of companies have a mission statement. Few have a mission.
Ours? Reconnect humans and nature. Change lives for good. Do what we can against pollution, global warming, environmental destruction. Become the best in the world at what we do.

So far we have worked on Email Lists up to the size of 200,000 - we'll keep this updated.

Connect with our Founder Johann:

Get Started With Step 1: Your F.O.C. Email Marketing Audit

To succeed in business, you need to know both your customers and have an unbiased view of your flaws & strengths.

Having a clear picture of your current situation is key to changing it for the best. The Front Of Centre Email Marketing Audit is designed to get you and ourselves clarity, give you a taste of working with us, and help create a strong roadmap of what needs to be done, and how.

In the course of the audit, we will improve your email deliverability, conversion rates, strategy, and familiarize us with what you're currently doing. Point is? There is no way around auditing & reviewing what's currently going on if we want to improve.

But before we start, let's make something crystal clear for you :

It could be that you're already quite active with your email marketing efforts. It could also be that you're just now looking to get started with it, no matter your current revenue. We've talked with companies doing hundreds of thousands in monthly revenue that didn't have the time to get into email… yet.

Depending on where you’re at, the Audit will either focus on improving your current setup or help you get set up in the first place.

Here’s how it works in detail:

Step 1: The Copy Checklist & Onboarding Meeting

First of all, we need to know your own perspective and get as much information on your business as possible. For this, we have created a detailed Checklist for you, designed to give you, and ourselves more clarity on what you’re really doing. It includes questions about what your product is, what problems it solves, its features, benefits, your competitors, your USPs, etc, etc.

After you get that filled out, we’ll get on a call with you to get more into the details and make sure we have every. single. thing. we need to get you the most out of working with us.

Step 2: The Email Deliverability Checkup

We have created the “Holy Grail Of Email Deliverability” - an extremely in-depth Checklist to find any and all issues with:
Technical Aspects
Behavioral Aspects
Consistency (branding & otherwise)

That probably doesn’t tell you much yet, so let us just say this: We’re making damn sure that you get your emails into your subscribers’ inbox. Not spam. Not promotions. Inbox.
We could just send you the Checklist, but we will not. Optimize too much for Deliverability, and your sales suffer - let an expert handle this.

Step 3: Review Of Marketing Automations

If you don’t have your Email Sequence Automations (Email Flows) set up properly, and in a way that’s customized to your business, you’re leaving money on the table. We analyze all existing, and missing email flows, and recommend improvements.

This happens using our internal Email Automations Guide, and with questions on our minds like:

What automations make sense for your business?
How should your flows be set up?
Can your email flows be optimized?
How do the flows fit into larger strategies and branding?

The aim here is clarity with regard to all automations that should be created, how the sequence will look, which design would be better, which message makes sense.

Then it just has to be implemented. That’s easier said then done, but you can either do it yourself, or we will do it if we continue working together after the audit.

We also see transactional emails as flows and treat them accordingly - every point of interaction between your business and your customers has to be on point.

Step 4: Newsletter Strategy

This is the long-term step of the audit. Our Email Deliverability Checkup and the Marketing Automations Review will - once implemented correctly - create a fast increase in your revenue. Cool, right?

Well, now you need to think long-term. Lifetime value, staying top of mind, turning your customers into fans of your brand, that kind of thing.

Here are the goals for the Newsletter Strategy step of the F.O.C. Audit:
Creating/improving your (email) content strategy
Increase the customer lifetime value
Improve personalized interaction
Better Brand Consistency
Synchronization of newsletter with larger content and company strategies

We also consider how the email list should be segmented and how specifically the segments are then addressed.

Properly segmenting your email list is a very complex task, and won't be included with the audit - we'll work on that once we partner up & decide to do something long-term together.

Step 5: General Feedback

Email Marketing is good for your business. But marketing is a complex thing, and Email is just one aspect of it. In this step, we go through your online presence, give feedback, check if something is inconsistent somewhere, we have further questions.

Once the audit is finished, only one of these three things will happen :

You loved what we did and will ask us to work together with you on a continual basis.
The Audit was worth your time, but working together doesn’t make sense for both parties.
In the unlikely and unprecedented event where you think you wasted your time, we will refund you every. single. penny. of your money. No questions asked. Your time is your most valuable asset, and we respect that. Also, if you’re an already established business, we'll be happy to send you $100, in cash or as a gift. We'll be even happier to send it to a charity of your choice.

Your investment for this Audit will be $1,600, or €1,500 - depending on what currency you prefer.

If we decide to go for a long-term engagement, our focus in the first month of working with you will be on implementing on the revelations & strategy from the audit.

Interested? Schedule your appointment below so we can get to know each other. The goal of this call will be to find out if we are the right fit for you. We don’t go in guns blazing with the hottest pitch of the month - we want to see if we can help you.

Book your call below 👇

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